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CBD Gummies 10mg 30 Gummies

Vegan Friendly / 10mg / 30 Gummies



10mg CBD per Gummy
30 Days Supply
THC Free
GMO Free
Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians 
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CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. It is a chemical which occurs naturally within the plant, and unlike THC which occurs similarly, is not intoxicating nor will it induce a “high”.

The Vytabotanicals Fruit CBD Gummies contain a 30 days’ supply of mild strength CBD. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD with a delicate fruity flavour of strawberry, watermelon, peach, lemon and grape. Simply take 1 CBD dummy per day to gain the benefits of pure CBD Isolate. The gummies are THC free, GMO free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Nutrition Information


Per Gummy


17.3kcal / 73.5kJ


0 grams

Of which are Saturates

0 grams


4.3 grams

Of which are Sugars

3.3 grams


0 grams


0 grams



In the Vytabotanicals Fruit CBD Gummies, contain high quality CBD Isolate. Each patch contains 10mg of CBD Isolate. Our team assesses and checks all products to ensure the high standards and quality required by us.

For more information, please visit our About CBD page here, or our FAQs here.

Ingredients & potential allergens

Water, light corn syrup, sugar, pectin flavour, dextrose, citric acid, sodium carbonate, Pure CBD compound. Flowering, Strawberry, Watermelon, Peach, Lemon, Grape.

Recommended dosage

Take 1 gummy per day, dosage 10mg.

Additional Information and warnings

Age 18 and over only
Vegetarian friendly
Vegan friendly
Nut free
GMO free
Allergen free
UK Manufactured

Please speak to your medical practitioner if you are on other medications, pregnant or breastfeeding

CBD Gummies 10mg 30 Gummies