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Pure Hemp Seed Sticks - 250g

100% Organic / 250grams



Suitable for Dogs
Each pack contains 250grams
100% Organic Hemp
Rich in Fibre – 45.7%
100% Organic Hemp Seed Hulls

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Our Hemp Chew sticks are made from 100% organic hemp seed hulls. They contain no added preservatives, chemicals or other ingredients. Your pet will love this natural snack rich in omega 3, 6, fibre and proteins. This daily snack will make a nutritious addition to your pet's diet and can even promote skin and coat condition, aid stiff joints and protect the heart.

Nutrition Information:
• Carbohydrate 48.2%
• Fibre 45.7%
• Protein 28.9%
• Fat content 8.9%
• Moisture 7.8%
• Ash 6.2%.

Ingredients & potential allergens

100% Organic Hemp Seed Hulls

Recommended dosage
Feed as a daily treat as part of a nutritionally balanced diet. Check that your dog has plenty of water.

Additional Information and warnings

The treat should be given under supervision.
Please give this treat on a non-stainable surface.
To avoid potential choking hazard, ensure you choose a treat which is appropriate in size for you dog, the sticks can be broken down to suit. Reseal once opened.

Pure Hemp Seed Sticks - 250g