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Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg

Moderate / 10% / 10ml



1.5mg CBD per drop
200 drops per bottle
Full Spectrum extract in an organic hemp seed oil base
With terpenes and flavonoids for full entourage effect
Lab-tested to contain less than 0.01% THC
Can be taken orally or topically
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CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. It is a chemical which occurs naturally within the plant, and unlike THC which occurs similarly, is not intoxicating nor will it induce a “high”. THC interacts with the body’s CB-1 receptors which are found in the brain and central nervous system creating the altered state for which it is known. CBD interacts only with the CB-2 receptors which contain enzymes that break down the cannabinoids for use throughout the body. CB-2 receptors are located in the body and immune system.

Please note that the Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg is made using CBD Paste. This is a thick liquid that contains cannabidiol (CBD) mixed with oils, waxes, or butter. This differs from products made with pure high-quality CBD Oil.

The Vytabotanicals Advantage

At Vytabotaniclas, we use the best quality full spectrum formulation which contains all the cannabinoids (of which CBD is the largest) without THC for what is known as the entourage effect. The entourage effect refers to the combined effect of the 112 known cannabinoids with the terpenes and flavonoids for enhanced efficacy.
We extract our CBD via the super critical Co2 method, which uses a closed loop extractor. Co2 is pumped from the first of three chambers into the second one, which contains the plant leaves. This becomes the part gas, part liquid known as supercritical Co2 which then extracts the cannabinoids and is pumped into the last chamber to be extracted from the Co2. This is the most advanced method of extraction for the safest, highest quality and most consistent CBD extract.
All our CBD is independently lab-tested to rigorous standards to ensure the full range of cannabinoids are present and that the element of THC falls below the minimum level required.

Our team assesses and checks all products to ensure the high standards and quality required by us.

For more information, please visit our About CBD page here, or our FAQs here.

Ingredients & potential allergens
90% Organic Hemp Seed Oil
10% Cannabis Sativa Full Spectrum Extract, made from paste

Recommended dosage
Start with 1 drop 2-3 times daily.
Continue at that dosage while you assess the effects before increasing your intake.

Additional Information and warnings
Age 18 and over only
Vegan friendly
Gluten free
Nut free
Allergen free

Please speak to your medical practitioner if you are on other medications, pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg