Dosage & Reading The Label


We recommend starting with a lower strength and dosage of Vytabotanicals CBD initially and increasing your intake as you begin to experience the benefits. CBD should not be used at doses over 200mg per day. Further details are listed against each product.

Oils are best held under the tongue (sublingually) for a few seconds, as the number of blood vessels ensure rapid absorption. 

Reading the Label

CBD oil is typically presented with its total volume of CBD as well as its strength. Vytabotanicals is available in High Strength 2.75%, Super High Strength 5% and Ultra-Strength 10%, with the balance made up of nutritionally beneficial hemp seed oil.

Each product will indicate the total volume of CBD per bottle, for example 100 drops of 50mg would be labelled as 5000mg.

What Dosage is right for me?

To take the confusion out of knowing how much CBD is right for your body and ailment, here is a formula you may like to use.
Simply input your weight (imperial/metric) and your desired strength. The desired strengths (Mild, Moderate and Strong Strength) are represented by 3 numbers in each the imperial and the metric formulae. Please see the instructions in the table below:
Strength Imperial Formula Metric Formula
Mild Strength Use 0.1mg Use 0.2mg
Moderate Strength Use 0.3mg Use 0.7mg
Strong Strength Use 0.6mg Use 1.3mg



If you prefer to use imperial measures (pounds):[YOUR WEIGHT IN POUNDS] x [DESIRED STRENGTH (0.1(mild), 0.3(moderate), or 0.6 mg(strong))]=Your daily dose in milligrams of CBD

If you prefer metric measures (kilograms):[YOUR WEIGHT IN KG] x [DESIRED STRENGTH (0.2(mild), 0.7(moderate), 1.3 mg(strong))]=Your daily dose in milligrams of CBD

Example of Formula Use:

If I was a 110lb woman looking for a mild strength of CBD I would use the following formula:
110lb x 0.1 = 11mg of CBD per day


If I was a 75kg man looking for a moderate strength of CBD I would use the following formula:

75kg x 0.7= 52.5mg of CBD per day

Source: Daily CBD